my veteran

taken in San Antonio during Ben's boot camp graduation in 2010. Hence the baby faces.

First of all, can we just talk about how unfair it is that some schools get Veterans Day off, when the actual veterans have to work? Also I'm jealous that I have to work while my little sister is sleeping in and just generally being lazy. That's not right.

Regardless, today I'm thankful for my veteran and all of the veterans in my life. My Dad, brother, Grandpa, and a bunch of uncles [and obviously Ben] all served in one branch or another and I'm grateful for the sacrifices they make/have made for our country as a whole. It's not an easy job, but I don't even know where we'd be without people like them. The military are a selfless people, when you get down to it, and I love that we have a day to honor them.

And honor them, we do. Yesterday, we took advantage of all the free food that restaurants were offering Ben, with a free donut at Tim Hortons and free dinner at Famous Daves. And tonight, we're staying at a bed & breakfast a few towns over for free as well. The pictures online make it totally look like an old grandma house [which I feel like all b&b's are], but we're going to take it as an opportunity to just lay around in bed and be lazy all evening long. I'm excited for a night away.

If there are veterans in your life, please be sure to give them a big fat kiss and say thank you. And if not, just be nice to the ones you see out and about. Maybe buy them a drink or two. I've always wanted to do that. I'll be the Oprah of alcoholic beverages.

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Anonymous said...

Awww I remember when I first found your blog and that picture was your header! :) And I agree, Veteran's Day is a pretty awesome day.