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Turns out, I think age is what turns you into a morning person. 

I don't ever think I'll enjoy talking when I first wake up [or being talked to, for that matter] [yes, I'm looking at you, Mom], but I'm starting to see why people wake up early. There's something so nice about being up before noon and doing something with your morning. Not wasting the day away and all that. Plus, it's so nice to wake up with a cup of coffee and some time to just sit on the couch and be. No doing, just being. I like it.


FierceandFashionable said...

I need to work on becoming a "Morning Person", I am such a night timer and always stay up too late.

xo Michelle

Fierce & Fashionable

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Soph said...

I kinda love this.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

It is nice to have a few moments to yourself before everyone else wakes up. The people I don't understand are the ones who can stay up late and wake up early. They amaze me.

Erin Marie said...

so very true! i find that when i do get the motivation to get out of bed early, it's always a delight to be able to relax a little instead of hopping to the door and pulling on your left boot at the same time.