it's all added up

there was the moment when we went on that road trip to our friend's house for her birthday, starting the night off just as friends and then turning into a "oh, maybe there could be something" along the way. because of the sing alongs and getting lost and jumping over the cars on that overpass.

there was the moment when you first kissed me while the menu screen for Back to the Future played over and over and over.

there was the moment when we sat in your dorm living room every night for the summer, eating shells and cheese, playing Grand Theft Auto, and laughing about how ruthless i was to the animated people. and how awful i was at driving the animated cars. 

there was the the moment every night when you'd walk me out to my car and kiss me through the window. i had my parking spot, we had a routine, but every night you'd say to me "i wish you didn't have to go".

there was the moment when we were laying there and i let it slip out: "i think i'm falling in love with you". and you said it back. what we both really meant was that we already were in love. madly in love. but you had to say it first. and you did, just a week later, over the phone, while i was 4 hours away at camp.

there was the moment when things got a little hazy and we weren't sure if we were going to work out anymore. those 24 hours of not being yours were the hardest i've had to face alone.

there was the moment when we'd make our way back from a bonfire, hand in hand, and you'd tell me that you were glad you didn't lose me for good. that you were glad you chose me, and you'd want me forever.

there was the moment when you left for boot camp and i was left crying in the airport bathroom by myself. and the one when you left for your deployment and i was left crying the airport bathroom by myself, only to be discovered by your mom. i'd never want to relive those moments. 

but for every one of those, there was the moment when we got to be reunited. i got to run into your arms and have you hold me again after such a long time apart. those moments almost, almost, made it worth it.

there was the moment when you surprised me in Central Park and i ran up to you and you asked me to spend my life with you. and the moment right after that when i was so excited that i flung my new glove over the bridge while we were getting that beautiful ring on my finger.

and all the ones since then when we've had so much fun getting ready to spend our lives together.
by BA

all of these moments and the ones in between made me fall in love with you. 3 years ago today you asked me to be your girlfriend, and now, with a whole date day and date night, we get to celebrate the last time that May 31 counts as our anniversary. after this one, we'll have a different date, with even more meaning and more memories behind it. but today, i remember all of these moments and am so thankful for the 3 years that you've been mine.

i love you, Benjamin David.
happy anniversary.