holy moly macaroni

i checked into my blog today for no real reason.
well, secretly a few reasons, but whatever.
but i was creepin around and realized:
people read this!!!!
i must have just been dumb before and never saw the spot where i had to publish the comments myself,
but i finally saw it and fa-reaked out!
b will verify.
i freaked.

so...long story short.
that's the little boost i needed.
i like posting, i just didnt think anyone cared.
i know, i know, a lot of you said to do it without caring if anyone reads.
but i kind of like attention.
why would i share my thoughts if no one wants it to be shared?
(deep question, right?)
but i don't even need to worry about that.
people do care.
and i like to please my fans.
so i'll post more.
let's start with once a week.
i'll make this a habit.
i pinkyswear.

but that will start tomorrow.
after my big ol' Psychology of Gender test.

picture to make this post worth reading:

oh darling, let's be adventurers screenprinted poster - green

from Etsy seller, "Fifi du Vie", here 

ta ta for now


Erin Girard said...

purchasing and hanging it next to my door. such a great reminder to make every day a challenge!

Madeline... said...

Goo for you, girl :)