home is wherever i'm with you

happy spring!
unfortunately, rochester is convinced spring means 35 degree weather
and 4 inches of snow predicted,
but it's the thought that counts,

this past weekend was one of the most fun weekends in a while.
friday, i had a wonderful lazy day that involved nail painting, glee watching, and magazine reading with one of my besties.
how much better can it get?
  that night, b and i met up with his family at this hibachi resturant
for his mom's birthday dinner.
it was the first time i'd ever been to one, and i was a little hesitant,
but it was so much fun.
and stinking delicious.

saturdays are made for sleeping in, so that's exactly what happened.
then b and i ran errands, which included more delicious food
and buying a motorcycle helmet for me!
more on that in a sec.
we had a little family thing at my dad's at night,
but it's odd to b that "little" means
the grandparents, my whole fam and our loves, 3 of dad's siblings and all of their kids.
i'm pretty sure 23 counts as little.
then we hung out with the usual crew later on.

sunday was our first motorcycle ride!!!!!
b's been riding around, being a hot motorcycle guy all on his own,
but finally he was ready for me to hop on too.
it was so stinking awesome.
i'm ready to ride that thing everywhere.
holding onto my man, zooming down the road with the wind in my hair
sounds perfect to me.

a while ago the slow life posted these pictures of the treehouse bunk bed
that she made for her daughter.
i would have killed for this when i was 7.
i'd even think about it now.
i have a serious thing for treehouses.

someone build me a treehouse bed.
or a real treehouse.


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