stay with me

welcome to sunday!
one of the best days of the week, but still overshadowed by it's siblings: 
friday and saturday.
also, wednesday.
don't ask why, but i'm a wednesday kind of girl.

we'll start things out with a playlist:
country music may or may not dominate these jams.
sue me.
country love songs are obviously the best love songs.

welcome to my summer home.
i found out earlier this month that all of
june and july, i'll be studying abroad in antibbes, france.
the south of france, on the riviera.
how did this become my life?

Love Wall, Montmartre
i'll probably visit this wall of love in Montmarte,
graffiti'd with "i love you" in a zillion different languages.
p.s. this photograph is from here

wear this dress
(if i win the lottery before my trip, that is)

and write love letters to my deployed airman with this quote:

"your love makes my soul crawl out of its hiding place"

cause it's true.



Kayla said...

How great is that? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you win the lottery so you can get a million more like it.

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ooh, that dress, love it! I adore Emerson Made she always has the sweetest things & hello summer home, how fabulous. xx veronika

tahni @ joyeuse photography said...

omg can i come visit you?! thank you for your comments on my website. i will gladly be your photographer. :)