waking up to chirping birds outside my window makes me feel like a disney princess

spring is here!
it's 51 degrees today, the sun is shining, i'm wearing my little red spring coat, and b is out riding his motorcycle.
that must mean something.

i'm in a location right now where i'm probably not supposed to be blogging....
but i'm sneaking it in to introduce this giveaway.
from Little Miss Momma, a chance to win $25 to La Posh Style.
they have really pretty dresses.
and shoes.
and everything actually.
it really goes against my better judgement to post about this,
since i want it all for myself.
but... i get an extra chance to win by doing this.
so you're welcome.

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Teresa said...

Ah... Spring! Thank goodnesss! :) I hope you win the giveaway! :)

   ♥ Teresa ♥
- Pretty Dandy -