i know i know.
i posted a very wordy post approximately 2 seconds ago.
what else could i possibly have to say?
but a) this thing is addicting
b) i love lists.
so much so that both my best friend and my boyfriend got me this book made up of lists to fill in for Christmas.
No Small Dreams does a current status post made up of a list every so often
and i'm tagging along
because if there's a list out there, i'm on it.

here goes:

Current guilty pleasure: sundresses. rochester's not in the mood, but every clothing   store out there is. as am i. i need them all.
have a beautiful gray spring day!

Current color: dusty rose. comme ca

Current playlist: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. over and over again.

Current read: do my textbooks count? i have no time for fun reading right now, sadly.

Current drink: iced mochas. so good and i don't understand why!

Current food: i would be content living on pasta for the rest of my life.

Current favorite show: well, Glee's getting a little obnoxious, but i still can't help but eat it up

Current wish list: weather at least 25 degrees warmer. or just to move to texas tomorrow.

Current needs: some toothpaste and my toothbrush. i hate dirty teeth

Current triumphs: driving around with my gas tank on E for the last 3 days and still not running out of gas

Current bane of my existence: money for france is due in less than a month and i got nothing

Current celebrity crush: James Dean. just look at him.

Current indulgence: does biting my nails count? i've been doing it since i was like 3 and can't stop. i'm not sure i want to though.

Current blessing: i just made my schedule for my last year of college and it's seriously gonna be a breeze
Current outfit: lacy rose tank, light brown cardigan and black leggings from Target, brown boots from a flea market (i think), and a pink flower headband from Forever 21

Current excitement: having time tonight to get things done. i admit i'm a nerd

Current mood: headache-y, but happy  i cry laughing nearly every time i go on this site, but b is not amused. chose your reaction wisely.

Current link:

have a beautiful gray spring day!

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Amy Fitz said...

So, I checked the Dear Girls Above Me site and it made me laugh. I also love sun dresses and cannot wait until its warm enough for me to wear them. James Dean is pretty damn sexy and I am glad your last semester will be a breeze! :) I miss you Jackie! :)