black and white and beauty all over

 i'm doing everything i can not to start my huge research paper for children's literature.
i'm a psychology major.
 i thought this would be an easy elective.
i was wrong.
so here is some procrastination at it's finest:

from here
a) i have the biggest crush on johnny depp.
the biggest.
and this picture?
their hair, their beauty (both combined and individually), the cigarette and teacup?
i'd die to be in this moment.
except not literally

from here, but really here
b) holy moly.
this is the ballerina project.
"each photograph is a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city's landscape."
and it's stinking gorgeous.
it's the last one that really gets me.

i feel like i need a c), but i got nothing.
it's paper time.

but for the sake of pretty things, here are two pretty blogs.



Ashlee said...

I love these photos. I need to play with black and white more!

styled by 3 said...

these photographs are amazing!! love!!!


Reckless Rekha. said...

Pretty pictures. Kate and Johnny look great <3

The Veda House said...

These photos are gorgeous. I also have a pretty big crush on Mr. Johnny Depp. (Kate isn't bad either)

Thanks for posting!