i'd like to build a fort

i'm the opposite of claustrophobic.
give me a little cave, nook, or corner to sit in 
and i'm home.
when i was little, i used to take a bunch of pillows, a good book and a reading lamp
and shut myself in my closet.
i'd decorate it with pictures i colored and photographs of my family,
make a little sign for the front that'd say
"jackie's house, please knock"
and hide away for the day.
i wasn't really hiding from anything ,
(although the psych major in me does make me question my motives)
but i enjoy taking a tiny little space and making it cozy.
making it feel like mine.

maybe that's why i'm in love with these engagement pictures that
i found on Green Wedding Shoes.
taken by photographer Paige Newton, they're in a fort!
these two little lovebirds made a cute little fort in their attic
and are just laying around, being in love.
here are a few of my favorites:

i'm down for a night in.
just build a fort, play this song (even though b hates it),
 maybe rent a few movies, or bring a good book,
and spend the night being in love with my wonderful boyfriend.       

happy friday to everyone :)


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