i wanna touch the earth, i wanna break it in my hands

goooood morning.
i love seeing people in love.
i also love old photographs.
put those together and what do you get?
not bippity boppity boo,
but rather, these:

from here

all from here

so pretty, aren't they?
i'm off to write a love letter.
also, possibly jury duty.
this could get exciting.



Felicia said...

Wow, such sweet photos. The second to last photo makes me swoon. I love how they kiss as the rest of the world moves around them.

Hilary Grace said...

Oh man those are beautiful. I love to get lost in old photographs..

Thanks for sharing!!

wilybrunette said...

oh wow, i'm with you. i especially dig that 5th one, not sure why, but there you go.

wildchild said...

yeah me too. i thought about leaving it out cause we don't really know if they're in love, but i just couldn't bare. or bear. whichever you'd like.