and it felt good on my lips

so glad blogger's working again.
i got very angry when i couldn't post.
and even angrier that my last one is gone.
but hopefully it will come back.

i may want to consider anger management.

in other news, the thought of going to france makes me want to shop.
i know, i know, they say when traveling abroad to lay out the money you think you need and the clothes you think you need,
then add double the money to your suitcase and half the clothes.
buttt i just can't.
this is what i'd buy and shove into a suitcase twice my size if i was allowed:
[p.s. it's actually all from Fred Flare because they have awesome, cheap things
for your bod and also for your house. but that's just my opinion.]

 this really pretty dress that reminds me of watercolor paintings. here

      knot ring. here. sunglasses. here. beautiful infinity scarf. here
 also this cute little birdy hair clip. here
boyfriend blazer. here.
gorgeous crocheted back maxi dress. here 
pretty little blue sundress. here
and lastly, this gorgeous fitted dress for going out. here
oh window shopping.
you break my heart everytime.


Jessica said...

Ooh I love the last cute!

Our Youth said...


are you going to france this summmer? (european summer)
me tooooo. i'll probably be in paris in june and july.