you go to my head

welcome to the first day of summer break!!!
today i'm thankful for:

un) new good music i constantly find through Flowerchild Dwelling and Miss Moss
right now i'm listening to Flowerchild Dwelling's guest post of a wedding reception playlist.
it's just good music, okay?

deux) date night with my man tonight! 
he's up on base and i'm going up there for the evening to have some fun in oh canada.
i just love this kid and am cherishing all of the time we spend together until he goes away.

trois) a morning to just lounge around in bed and have nothing i need to get done.

quatre) we had a beautiful day of sunshine and slightly warmer weather yesterday. 
and it looks like it's all uphill from here!

cinq) my final loan came through so i can pay off my france bill today 
and buy my plane ticket
there's less than a month left! 
it's getting so reallllll!

six) a little sister that i can share clothes with.
seriously, she's 5 years younger than me, but God made us the same size for a reason.
what would we do without each other?

sept) people who read this thing.
and especially comment.
i blog as a way to put all of the pretty things in my life in one place,
but it's nice to know that other people like it as much as i do :)
thanks guys.

huit) fresh, clean, warm, summer air.
 this newfound warm-ish weather means i can finally drive with the windows down 
and open up all of the windows in my room.
it makes me feel more alive.

neuf) feeling skinny.
seriously, i've done nothing lately that should make me feel healthier, but for some reason, today is a skinny day.
thank god skinny day and date night align.

dix) friends who graduate tomorrow.
i'm not happy they're leaving, but i am super proud of them.
plus once they're gone, that makes me an official senior.
holy crap.

et onze) flowers.comme ca.{like this}

both from here

time to go shower and get moving on my day.
such a wonderful day it's going to be.


christine donee said...

I love when skinny day and date night align.

I'm so sad when they do not.

Ruby Girl said...

you are cute & witty. i like. <3