i don't see how you could ever be anything but mine

hi friends.
what a whirlwind of a life these past few days have been.
to make a long story short:

-b and i had date night in canada friday night.
we had some delicious za (otherwise known as pizza), played arcade games, played some other games, and walked around the city.
it was fun fun fun.

- saturday was spent packing, hanging out with b's fam, saying goodbye to some people, and motorcycle riding.
it was crazy. but, again, fun.

-sunday was momma's day, so my sister and i got up and made ma some delicious breakfast, then went to church. then back to b's house for me. again, we packed, spent time with his fam, said some goodbyes, ate (so.much.) delicious food, rode (and got stranded) on la moto, and loved up on each other.
such a fun last day/night together.

-monday was d-day. we had some last minute errands to run in the morning, and then zoomed right on over to the airport with b's parents. thankfully, we got gate passes, so we could hang out and grab some food with b before he boarded. it was such a sad goodbye. the rest of the day was me flipping off any driver who looked at me the wrong way, peppering almost every sentence with swear words, and glaring at small children.
also eating more chocolate than i knew possible.
as i've mentioned before, anger is my default emotion when i'm grieving.

-tuesday i woke up to a text from b saying he was finally on the actual flight to his deployment, we chatted for a few minutes and then i rolled over and went back to sleep. until way past noon. being sad makes me tired i think. i'm still not unpacked from moving back from school, so i did that for a bit, read, went for a walk with my sister, and went shopping with my mom.
like i said, my fam is my support system.

-today i'm back at work. making the fundz to fund my trip to france. oh, i forgot to say that i bought my plane ticket!!! june 3, i'm out of this country. heck yes. i've never been, can't wait to go, and am sure i won't want to come back. speaking of first times (not like that, you dirty mind), if anyone has any tips on where i should go, or what i should do, i'm up for it. i'll be in southern france, on the riviera, in Antibes. but i'm obvi gonna travel. so give 'em to me.

alright, that's all for today.
i gotta get back to work.
thank jesus for hour long lunch breaks.
but i will leave you with one of the last pictures of b and i.
taken in oh canada.
i miss this kid already.

i love you benny.



wilybrunette said...

oh lady, you and your man are in my thoughts. i'm sending him light and love and thoughts of many safe returns.

as for you, be angry, sleep a lot, but make sure you're on the plane to france on june 3, because how fun?!!!


Stephanie said...

love meeting bloggers that are the same age as me! you and your lover are cute :)

AJD ∞ said...

oh my. we WILL look hot when they come back. because i'm definitely engaging in a ton of physical activities [hiking, pilates, running, jumping, pulling things apart in my backyard [specifically weeds]]... they'll be sorry they ever left. or maybe not. maybe they'll be all, "i should leave you to your angry self more often."

Cat said...

Oh, you and your sweetie are in my thoughts for sure! Being sad make me super tired too!

{oh, and hubs and I call pizza "za" all.the.time...glad to learn we aren't the only ones!}

xx Cat brideblu

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

That's so exciting about France, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)