i wonder if it's possible to have a love affair that lasts forever

i had like half of a post typed out 
and then i realized the whole thing was far too whiny for my personal taste.
i try not to be a complainer.
nobody likes a complainer.
and really, i'm super optimistic and relaxed.
so i'll act like it.

i'm done with school!!!!!!!!!
junior year of college= easy peasy.
and next year will be even easier.
thank sweet baby Jesus that my major is both interesting and a breeze all at once.
i don't usually like to admit it, but i'm kind of a lazy person.
that combined with the facts that i have no patience and i get distracted super easy...
well, i'm not the model citizen i suppose.
butttt i'm done.

now it's just relaxin with my boo 
[yuck, did i really just call him that?]
until he ships off to serve our country.
countdown: 5 days.
but we have lots planned between now and then, so don't even worry.

then i start working full time at my school job.
then i leave for france!!!
4 weeks from today, i'll be packing last minute stuff in my suitcase, 
getting ready to hop on a jet plane the next day.
i'm ignoring the fact that this is a study abroad program, and pretending it's a 
lay on the beach, stroll around the country side, live like a french girl program.
let me dream, okay?

jeesh, so many words. let's transition to a super pretty picture.

from here

this is what i feel like tonight for some reason.
except not quite as pretty.
i have a pretty bad headache, so i'm sporting the glasses, crazy hair and sweats.

anyways, i have a movie date to get to.
luckily it's at my friend's apartment ten steps away.
later dudes.


Bon Bon said...

Congrats on being done! I'm not a model citizen either:-) That's a good way of putting it! Ahhh, France. Enjoy the adventure. xoxo

christine donee said...

glasses, crazy hair and sweats?

sounds like me. oh.. most every night.

Maggy said...

perhaps it was just your inner french goddess? I'm sure she likes the sweats anyways, who doesn't?!

AJD ∞ said...

oh my gosh. you will love France. [have you ever been? is this your first time? you won't want to leave!] i dream of going back. & i dream of the bread. & chocolate. & French seaside. it's all so lovely. you better update this thing while you're over there!