a celebration

goooood morning.
i'm going on a little mini road trip with my mom today
to go to my cousin's college graduation party.
my brother and sister ditched, so it's just us.
but we're stopping to go shopping.
so they're missing out.

my cousin went to forestry school, studied in new zealand, studied on a 2 or 3 month long sailing trip, then back to a different forestry school and is graduating from there today. 
oh and also, she's on a lumberjack team. i forget what it's called. but it's pretty kick ass.
she's pretty kick ass.
so in her honor, i'm leaving you with a photograph of a pretty forest 
filled with bluebell flowers.
to combine her love with mine.
i love you lauren.
i'm proud of you :)

from here, originally from here

have a lovely saturday


Heather said...

I think sometimes people forget how important family is! its so important build those relationships and support one another! Beautiful beautiful picture as well!

Diana Smith said...

I love roadtrips esp with moms!! Have fun!

Lauren said...

Cousin I love you! I'm so glad I got to see you before I left! Your blog is beautiful, just like you. Thanks for the amazing picture!