i can't decide if i want to blog tonight or not.
i've been creepin around the internet and listening to alexi murdoch, 
[who, by the way, has one of the most comforting, beautiful voices on the planet]
and i think it's time for a break.
this break will probably consist of watching last week's Glee and New Girl.
what a saturday night, i know.

but just know that i'm having a relaxing weekend.
i was a grown-up yesterday, with laundry and cleaning and homework [boring!], but then had some fun at an end of summer bonfire and hayride here at school. 
then more fun with my favorite friends later.
and today i slept in, skyped with b, read a bit, went shopping with lacey, and have been being a bum all night.
i love it.
as fun as crazy social weekends are, time to myself to do whatever comes up is perfectly alright too. 

from here
it'd be even more perfectly alright if i had a chair like this by a window like that 
to curl up in.
someday i will.

hope you lovelies are all enjoying your first weekend of october too.
 [eeeee october!]
[see here if you don't understand why october is important]
goodnight :)


Bon Bon said...

I want to curl up in that comfy chair too! But then I'd spill a million things all over it:-) xoxo

Kristina said...

I would love to have one of those chairs.

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