the almost-perfect week

this week has been absolutely beautiful.
the sun has been shining, i haven't had to wear a coat in so many days, and i've just been happy.
i still have homework to do tonight since haven't touched it since my last class on last thursday, but that's okay. i'll be productive tonight and tomorrow and then when ben comes home tomorrow night (!), i will just spend my sunny weekend loving on him.

this is what my days have been:
-the sunshine always makes me so productive for some reason. i made lots of lists at the beginning of the week and i am SO close to crossing every single thing off. i don't know what i'd do without lists.

-one thing that was on my to-do list was laundry. just LOOK at this pile! i filled up my tall laundry hamper and then basically have a whole other one on top of it. the laundry was literally up to my eyeballs. after 3 weeks though, i'm on my last pair of good undies today, so i hauled it all down to the laundry room and did it. only 6 loads, no big deal. jeesh. someone remind me next time to make it a priority before i start wearing the same jeans for a week straight. [jk. i didn't actually do that. that's gross].

-my about, we fell in love, and daily reads pages are finally written and up! go check them out if you're new around here. even if you're not, i think this is the first i've really explained our love story on the blog, so go read up if you're into that kind of thing.

-tuesday marked 4 months until our wedding. 4!!! i should probably start some of those DIY projects, yeah? thankfully i have bridesmaids, friends, and family [especially a favorite aunt] who are so willing to help me out when the time comes. some of them may be more excited than i am, which is saying something.

-speaking of the wedding, we've been trying to figure out what's happening after the wedding. our plans are pretty much contingent on whether i get an awesome job or not, so job applications have been a big part of my life lately. i'm almost finished with the 10th application and then i think i will just wait and see what happens with those. after 10 applications, i'm certainly hoping something comes out of them cause let me tell you, i'd much rather be playing outside than at a desk inside, doing those. but i guess we do what we gotta do for our family. growing up is just not fun sometimes.

-lastly, i found the perfect engagement dress!!! lace and i went to get ice cream yesterday and the nearest place was in the mall, so we got some delicious cones and decided to walk around while we enjoyed them. we stumbled into Delia's, where i told the girl i was looking for a pretty dress, she showed me the rack, and bada bing, bada boom, i fell in love. i'm super excited about it, as you can tell by my exaggerated happy face in the picture on the left. it's colorful, comfy, modest, and flattering. a.k.a perfect. now we just have to figure out what benny's going to wear. suggestions are welcome!

that's all for today! i hope everyone has a wonderful thursday :) i may or may not be counting down the hours until i pick ben and his parents up from the airport. i know it's only been a week, but it's the longest we've been apart since his dumb deployment. i'm ready to spend my days with him again. especially since this weekend is going to be b-e-a-utiful!


Carrie Starr said...

Love the dress!! It's going to look gorgeous in your photos. Do you have a photographer yet?

Amy said...

Your blog is looking so fancy these days! And I'm glad you finally did laundry. That thing looks like a mountain to conquer, if you know what I mean.

Katya said...

Dress is gorgeous!!! I fully support that choice. :)