an explanation

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this is how i feel this week.

it's been a beautiful week with highs in the 70's every day and sunny, and i really do appreciate that. i love the fact that i can sleep with the windows open, that i've been able to wear sundresses and my favorite [read: only] wedges, and that when i go for runs, i can feel the sun beating down on my face.

but besides the weather, this week has been a mini shitstorm, of sorts.

i have a lot of school work to do, and after putting it off pretty much all semester, it's time to really get down to business. but instead of homework, i've been working all week. it's only been about 20 hours so far, but 11 of them are today. 11! on top of that, there's some [unnecessary] family drama, all because of wedding planning. what is it about weddings that bring out the crazy in some people? i mean, it's always been there, but everyone is 1,000x more sensitive when it comes to wedding junk. jeez louise.

i don't mean this to be a post full of complaining; i know you don't come here for that. i'm just trying to say that i'm getting there. the posting has been non-existent this week because i just don't have the energy. but i'll get around to it soon.

for now, i'm thankful for the few people i do have who i feel really and truly, 100% supported by. i'm cherishing those i can count on, and remembering that even when people & life are both big jerks, my God is there with his unfailing love.


Frankie said...

Hang in there! Your troubles will pass and I'm sure everything will work out. Just breathe and complete one task at a time!

M. Flynn said...

Aw hang in there! You can do it!

Kelly said...

The craziness always seems to pile on at the same time, doesn't it? Just breathe and remember that it will all pass soon. Chin up!