walking on sunshine

pardon me for the cheesy post title, but it's fitting.
this past weekend was won.der.ful.
as i think i mentioned before, ben left on thursday morning with his parents for spring break in Spring, Texas, visiting his sister and brother-in-law and a bunch of extended family.
as much as i miss the guy, it's been nice to have a weekend to myself doing all of the things that i kind of push aside when he's around. to be honest, spending time with him is my favorite thing to do, so even the other things i love kind of take a second place to that.

so, this was my weekend:
all from pinterest.com

friday was spent catching up on work hours that i called off from on Monday, but in between jobs, i went out to lunch at Olive Garden with one of my step-sisters. it was so nice to catch up with her, gossip a little bit, and eat all of the carbs i could fit into my stomach.
i actually got a headache that afternoon, so i left work early to come home, lay in my bed, and maybe take a little nap.
unexpectedly, i slept until well into the evening, but then spent the rest of the night reading blogs i hadn't had time for, watching old SNL reruns and browsing through a magazine or two.

saturday was so much fun. i went out to a little coffee shop breakfast with a friend and stayed there for 2 and 1/2 hours just catching up. when we got home, she and another friend came over and there was more catching up, SNL skit watching, and magazine reading.
i got my taxes done [woo big return!], then killed time while lacey finished up a movie, and then we went shopping!
the mission was to find a cute dress for ben and i's engagement photo session, but it wasn't as successful as i had hoped. more on that later this week.
regardless of how frustrating the actual shopping was, it was nice to spend time with lace. we're both so busy that we don't see each other much, even though we live together.
last night was much needed, including the lazy movie watching night we had when we got home.

then sunday was equally relaxing. i got up when my body woke me up, opened all the windows and turned on some Freelance Whales. i worked on things for this here blog for a long while, got ready, and met another friend for coffee [so much catching up this weekend!]. after that, i met up with my dad and we chatted for a while. then home to read outside in the sun, come inside when i got too chilly and read some more, blog a little, work out, and relax all night.

i've found that i enjoy my weekend so much more when i don't pretend to do homework the whole time. i told myself i wouldn't even look at my planner until monday morning [since i don't have classes until thursday this week], and it has been so relaxing. 
that combined with the sunshine, a bunch of extra time to myself, and quality time with a bunch of my favorite women has made for one of the best ben-less weekends i've ever had.
and that's saying a lot cause weekends are always the best.


M. Flynn said...

Mmm sounds good! I love coffee shop breakfasts with friends. Glad you had a nice weekend :)

the lovebirds said...

wow- sounds like a lovely weekend. everything you mentioned above sounded delightful. especially waking up on your own time and opening all the windows. I love mornings like that. xo