have a sunny weekend

ben came home from texas last night!
the time apart was so nice, but i definitely missed the kid too.
so this weekend will be spent with him, catching up, making up for lost time, and also booking our honeymoon! bow chicka bow wow, jamaica, here we come!!!

here are some awesome things i've found around the internets lately to keep you occupied in case your city isn't going to be as warm and sunny and wonderful as Rochester is this weekend:

brilliant idea for how to keep natural light in your bed/bathroom while still maintaining some kind of privacy

the Loerke Burn Book is such a smart way of keeping all of the important grown up stuff in one easily accessible place

i want to make one of these adorable Pajama Eaters for myself

next time ben's gone for a long while [which will hopefully be never], i'm going to send him one of these messages in a bottle

i'm thinking about making this fabric backdrop for our ceremony.

loving all of these daily chalkboards that the Wedding Chicks put up every day.

i hope everyone enjoys their weekend! spring is in the air, so go enjoy it :)

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The Millers said...

Thanks for sharing all of the great links! Adorable blog.