girl's weekend in D.C

i decided that only 3 weeks later, it's high time i write about the weekend that my mom, sister and i went to Washington, D.C.
we went for my sister's volleyball tournament and it was so much fun.
i will now make up for a lack of my own photos in yesterday's post with a thousand and a half in this one.
get readyyyy.
pretty roadtrip sunset.
washington skyline from the hotel top floor.
there's the monument on the left!
jessa and i spent the first night in the hotel causing trouble.
we even got reprimanded by hotel security, who told us that our curfew was 11.
i don't think he realized that i was approximately 11 years older than him.
we went to some huge mall. it was overwhelming a little bit, but also awesome.
we modeled in the metro, with the wind from the trains blowing through our hair.
then there was a whole bunch of volleyball.
every time i mention volleyball in the rest of this post, think of a convention center with 69 courts on one floor and 30-some on the other, full of teenage girls in spandex shorts and their parents.
basically, a teenage boy's heaven [minus the parent part].
then to chinatown after the games for dinner. there was a poo-poo platter and dessert oranges.
 the next morning, we went to sight-see a bit before jessa's afternoon games.
mom and jess happily obliged for some pictures.
and they are too cute.
the Arlington Cemetery was haunting. as always.
then we slowly tried to make our way to Chadwicks in Georgetown because i had a blate! my mom and sister and i got lost many times, but it was worth it when i finally made it there and got to enjoy brunch with Megan [who took these photos]MelissaErica, and Whitney.
the lighting in there was not great, but these are all beautiful, funny, witty women. go make check out their blogs and make some new friends. 
you won't be sorry.
after this, i made my way back to the tournament all by myself [which was very surprising, all things considered], and we spent the evening there.
monday was more volleyball and then more sight-seeing once the tournament was done for good.
i love these women.
we stayed the night in some hilariously sketchy, cheap hotel and then visited Eastern University with my sister in the morning. she loved it. and we loved it for her. my little baby, growing up.
i can only imagine how my mom feels.
after the visit, we drove just a little bit so my sister could visit her [almost] boyfriend. mom and i left them alone to go on a little walk, and went to michael's while we waited. there, we encountered a little leprechaun choir. 
then once the lovebirds were officially dating and back from their walk, we all went to Chick-Fil-A to enjoy some delicious food and i made friends with the cow.

all in all, a successful long weekend.
a fun, sass-filled, love-filled, estrogen-filled weekend.


Valerie Griffin said...

great pics!

M. Flynn said...

So fun! Still can't look at pictures from brunch without groaning a little bit. But it was so fun!

Kelly said...

That is too perfect - I live near the convention center and was wondering if there was a volleyball tournament happening! It was a ton of girls in sweatshirts with those thin, elastic headbands and messy buns! If bloggers have a uniform, so do volleyball girls :)

Glad you all had a good trip here!

Catherine said...

Oh, club volleyball tournaments! I have so many memories of convention centers filled with volleyball courts.


Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

yayay brunch!