engagement dress

you guys.
i am having the hardest time picking out what to wear for our engagement photo session.
the session is in a month, so it should be springy and beautiful outside and i want to wear a dress. i'm totally a dress girl, in case you couldn't tell.
however, when lacey and i went to the mall this past weekend, i could not find a damn thing i wanted to buy.
that's actually not true. i found a really cute skirt at Forever 21 that i bought and then i did buy a dress from there as well that i really liked.
and i still really like it.
but after lace took some pictures to send to ben and jessa to show them, i'm not convinced it's a dress that will look good in engagement pictures.
maybe i'm just putting too much pressure on one dang dress?
either way, will you help me?
this is said dress. it's white, it's flowy, i can wear a real bra underneath it, and it's everything i look for in a dress. but the bows on top of the straps freak me out. they're adorable in person, but i feel like maybe they look dumb in the picture from the front?
when i posted these pictures on instagram, some of you were super helpful [and nice!] and one of my friends suggested looking up youtube videos of how to tie certain bows and maybe that would help. i will certainly give that suggestion a try.
but what do you think?

there are other options, however. options online and options at target. i certainly prefer buying in person because my body is disproportional [read: i'm a busty lady], but i won't totally rule out buying online if it's the perfect dress.
i want it to be flattering and modest and boy-pretty.
does that make sense?

here are some options i've found that might stand a chance:
Sunny Days Yellow Dress
this dress is from Lulu's and it's certainly modest, probably flattering because of the belt, and i love the color. and i like the idea of sleeves, because april won't be super hot, but sleeves aren't necessary.

Xhilaration® Juniors Smocked Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
this dress from Target is a cute print and it's an added bonus that i don't think i have any blue sundresses yet. i definitely like the pockets and the waistline, but the ruffles on top might make my boobs like bigger. i don't want to make them look any smaller, but they certainly don't need to be added to. my mother will tell you that.
Xhilaration® Juniors Sweetheart Skater Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
this one, also from Target, is also super sweet. and i feel like the cut on top is adorable on. i could wear a real bra with it and the waistline right under the boobs has always worked for me. plus i love the color. my bridesmaid dresses will be shades of coral.
Xhilaration® Juniors Princess Seam Skater Dress - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
lastly, this one is from Target too and it's so sweet. i love the colors, i love the stripes, and the waistline is also perfect.

after looking at Ruche, Modcloth, and a bunch of other online shops, i wasn't too impressed with anything. the ones i did like were out of stock. of course. if you guys have any other ideas though, please feel free to link them in the comments. just remember that i like color and i don't like strapless. 
besides that, i try to be flexible.

which dress is your fave?
should i try for a new one or just stick with the original white one?
am i being a crazy person?
i'd be so thankful for your help.


whitney said...

i like the blue sundress and the last blue striped one.

but all are cute!

Frankie said...

I just bought the last dress at target this weekend. It's super sweet and fits really nicely (and I'm disproportionate too).

But I really like the white dress you already have. If you don't like the way the bows look on the shoulders consider tying them in the back, or even making them into simple straps. I agree that they don't translate very well in photographs- bows never do!

Katya said...

I love the white dress! (and also your shoes in that picture.) And I also like the stripey Target one a lot. Do you know what sort of location you're taking photos?

Sara said...

I love the coral one! The white one's cute though too. Katie's right about the location mattering. You should go take a picture in the white dress in the location you're getting the pictures taken (or a similar one) and see if you like it there.

Catherine said...

I like the yellow option. Maybe you could wear a couple different outfits??

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Kelly said...

I love the pink dress! I think it will be perfect if it's going to be a wedding color.