explain to me why french people don't have dryers...

Current June status.
from here.

pretty Nice beach.
get it?

Current color: Watermelon, the color of my new bathing suit from St. Tropez and also my first tube of lipstick, thanks to Emily's mom :) [it's actually bourjois' "rose sensuel" from Sephora]

Current playlist: whatever crazy lady upstairs is singin along to. currently, it's a michael mix: buble and jackson.

Current read: just finished Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins. don't judge, it was $5 on my nook. and suprisingly entertaining.

Current drink: plain old water. walking everywhere here has made me super thirsty.

Current food: umm hello, Speculoos. did you even have to ask?

Current favorite show: our British soap opera. tune in all night, every night to see what nasty name she calls him next.

Current wish list: comfier sandals. and a massage. oh goodness, a massage sounds so good.

Current needs: 
pedicure, most definitely. my feets are lookin rough.
Current triumphs: fitting two whole loads of laundry on one tiny drying rack!

Current bane of my existence: traveling is expensive dude.

Current celebrity crush: i think i've made myself pretty clear.

Current indulgence: oh jeez. lots of bread, lots of gelato, and even more Speculoos.

Current blessing: umm. my life right now.

Current outfit: b's big flannel shirt a la Target and some black Soffe shorts.

Current excitement: tomorrow's perfect schedule: class, cooking class, and beach. 

Current mood: sleepyyyyyyy.

Current link: no way this is real life.

sweet dreams dudes.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

This is a nice list. I love the color watermelon, it just screams happy summer days. Oh and a massage sounds good right about now.