i'm only yours

it's been a longggg day.
french class, pottery painting, skyping, errand running, dinner making, [speculoos] cookie no-bakingflight booking, homeward bounding, night-time routining, and now blogging. 
even though all i want is sleeping.

im far too tired for witty transitions, so here are some beautiful things that have been weighing on my mind:
from here
from here

from here
from here

that last picture?
it's a snapshot from Blue Valentine, otherwise known as the saddest movie ever.
it was beautifully done, but awful.
i sobbed.
literally sobbed.
don't watch it.

i also have no witty ending.
i'm a little sorry, mostly sleepy.
goodnight friends.


Madeline... said...

I almost saw Blue Valentine BY MYSELF. But then my sister came. And we were still miserable. WTF. But Ryan Gosling is so adorable. Even when he's being bastardly.

AJD ∞ said...

Blue Valentine is sad?! It's currently sitting on my TV stand waiting to be watched... Now I'm afraid! Why is it sad? Stupid Ryan Gosling being attractive and intriguing. I just can't say "No" to his movies...