oh la.

to start off, i just want to warn everyone that this post is mostly for my family.
they've been asking for pictures of my apartment and since my e-mail is being lame and will only let me send one at a time, i'm just gonna do it here.
once it's not raining and miserable, i'll take some pretty pictures that i'm proud to show you all :)

but to start, i'm here!
getting here yesterday morning was beautiful, 
[i guess antibes boasts something like 300 days of sunshine a year, so this chilly, thundery day is unusal]
and the city is so pretty and so alive with people everywhere.
my apartment is in a perfect spot just outside of the main town square, 
Place Nationale, which also happens to be just literally right around the corner from the beach!
everyone in my program seems really nice and i'm just so excited for everything i'm going to experience in the next two months.

i don't like taking out my camera and feeling like a tourist, so i have only a few pictures of the city, but i promise i'll just suck it up soon and take them anyways.
i want to remember everything i can about this trip.
but here goes:
this was the view coming in on the plane- 
mountains in the back, palm trees and a view of the city

this is the cute little road i live on. 
my apartment is in this building, obviously, and you can pick it out by those cute little red shutters on the left. 
as i've said, i'm right around the corner from the beach, so people are walking by all the time, looking in our windows. it's so cute saying hello to them- i feel like i'm in the village scene of beauty and the beast :)

right by the market, there's an ocean view.
i was too busy thinking how pretty it is to listen to our site director tell us what exactly is on this hill.

just another pretty view.
those big ol' clouds are our thunderstorm rolling in i guess.

those gray hills in the back, on the right?
that's italy.
my friends and i already have plans to hop on the train and head over there asap.
biggest yacht port in france or something.
it's just pretty with that thunder. 

now for the gross tour pictures: 
this is what you see right when you walk in to my apartment.
well actually, there's a big door that we have a big skeleton key for outside, then a little walkway and another door to actually get into our apartment, and then this.
 these pictures are so dark simply because it's raining today. 
otherwise it's super bright in here and pretty with the sun.

there's this table thing off to the right and then those windows everyone creeps in.
it just looks gross now cause the rain was coming in, so i closed them.
also cause i got soaked by the rain, so my clothes are laying there drying.

random rocks on our wall and mini table.

petite kitchen with awesome little french appliances.
also, the hallway back to the bathroom and our room.

awesome french washing machine.
with words written in german?
all the clothes have to go in this little metal basket inside.
i don't understand.

they don't believe in shower curtains apparently.
or even full doors to keep all the water in.
there's also obviously a toilet in here, in the other corner.
but those things are pretty standard, so no picture.
our bedroom! this is obvi my bed, and then there's a bunk bed on the other side, where my roomie sleeps. there's also a little closet in the corner.
thankfully, there's enough storage for all of our clothes and things around the apartment.
since this post took me forever to write, it's now fairly nice out.
sunnier, but still cold.
but so here's a better view of our adorable windows :)
tres belle.

antibes, je t'aime.
it's time for me to get back out there and explore.
maybe a little nap first.
sorry if this was super boring.
i promise to be more fun next time.
later dudes.


Sara Louise said...

You do live on a cute little road and you have some amazing scenery!

Wanderlusting Fool said...

WAIT, you are living there?!!? Holy cow thats amazing! how fun! Yes, do take lots of pics - no worries about feeling touristy!

Wanderlusting Fool