what a life.

it's crazy over here kids.
there's so much to squeeze in when you're only on the rivieria for two months, you know?
[i say that like everyone is lucky enough to come over here and do their thang]

for one, there's tanning to be done.
currently, i'm a lobster.
a walking, talking lobster.
my friend emily calls us twizzlers.
but soon i will be a bronzed goddess.
just you wait.

secondly, there's food to be eaten.
oh, the food.
you know those movies where french people walk down the street 
with baguettes in hand?
it's true. 
they're the accessory that never goes out of style.
the gelato is out of this world.
so creamy and heavenly and chocolatey.
[cause of course i always get at least une boulle du chocolat. of course]
and my latest discovery, turned obsession?

i don't know what this stuff is, but i bought it thinking it was peanut butter and
 it has changed.my.world. 
breakfast: fruit and pieces of my baguette with speculoos on it.
lunch: a sandwich and scoops of speculoos on a spoon.
dinner: pasta and some baguette with speculoos.
dessert: speculoos gelato.
it's some sort of creamy spread; possibly crushed up airplane cookies, possibly heaven in a jar.
we'll never know.
we do know, however, that losing weight on this trip will not be happening.

thirdly, i might be a professional people watcher.
during summers on the riviera, people from all over swarm here, 
so it's an international affair every day.
also, my school is a language school, so there are no french people in classes [since they're pros already]; it's only international students.
i've met people from sweden and switzerland and the czech republic and brazil and mexico and india and it's just so cool.
also cool is seeing what everyone wears.
there are so many things here that would never fly in america.
at least in my small town in new york.
not with my boyfriend.
these, for example:
google image

it's crazy.
emily and i have decided that the trends right now are birkenstock sandals, super flowy clothes and bright bottoms. like neon bottoms. even on boys.

lastly, one fascinating thing over here that i'm not sure i like is the couple upstairs.
they're british, so that's strike number one.
i hate british accents. with a passion. 
there are a few tolerable ones, like johnny depp as captain jack sparrow [of course], but mostly, they make my skin crawl.
and strike number two is that they fight every single night. 
for at least an hour every night since we've been here, sometimes even starting early in the afternoon, the crazy woman is screaming awful, terrible, hurtful things to the man she lives with [undetermined if they're married, engaged, or just dating].
sometimes he yells back, but usually he seems to just take it.
the times i do hear him, it's telling her to turn the karaoke down.
the crazy british woman upstairs loves her karaoke.
lady gaga, brittany, madonna, katy perry- she loves them all.
almost every night.
i've heard her proclaim that maybe she has awful hair, face, teeth, and body, but at least she has her amazing singing voice.
i have to disagree. she doesn't have that.
my roommate and i fill each other in on what's happened when the other one comes home.
it's like our own little soap opera.

one last thing: our german washing machine.
i put a load of laundry in almost two hours ago and it's still going.
i don't understand.
i thought i came to france?

that's all for tonight.
our little day trip to st. tropez wiped me out.
but i did get two new bracelets and a new bathing suit!
and gelato, of course, but that didn't make it twenty steps away from where i got it.
bonne nuit mes belles.

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AJD ∞ said...

sometimes i wish i could dress "european." but i'm not european, so... i would look crazy.

i love listening in on neighbors fighting. it's so much fun. :]