it's you, it's you who makes me sing

every time i've walked by my computer in the past few days, 
i've thought about how bad i want to update, but i really haven't had the time.
i've been spending so many fun times with my family and b's family and my friends.
of course, i have no pictures to show for this, but whatever.
the memories are all in my little head :)
Ojos Brujos. "La ignorancia es atrevida."
from here
 maybe if i had one of these, i'd actually take some pictures?
or he could follow me everywhere and be my photographer.
good ol' johnny depp.
i'm in love.

i've also been getting ready for france!!!
my to-do list was a zillion miles long, and is now only a million, so i've made some progress.
who knew there was so much to do?
it doesn't help that my room, 
on the second floor of a non-air conditioned house
is where most of this stuff needs to get done.
but tomorrow is my day to get to it.
considering i leave on friday.
holy moly.

b's doing well over in east freak nowhere.
he's bored, and a little homesick, but all in all, having a good time.
which i'm thankful for.
and i'm doing alright with the coping. i get lonely and miss him like crazy of course, but this adventure thing is keeping me busy.
our two year anniversary was today!
2 years with the hottest guy on the planet.
lucky me :)
this seems to be the general question we get asked when people hear how long we've been together. it's also our response:

from here
but seriously, i love that kid so much.
i went over to his sister's last night and was surprised with this:

he had called his other sister, set it all up and sent her the picture.
i'm so lucky.

i hope that was enough mushy gushy for you :)
i have things to do and a bed to crawl into.
these days and nights and having fun in the sun [and also chlorine-filled pool] are making my contacts as dry as the sahara.
i will blog again tomorrowwww.

p.s. some people have been asking if i'll keep bloggin away while i'm in france.
of course i will.
it won't turn into a full on travel blog probs, cause 
honestly, i just scroll right on by people's vaca pictures in like 5 seconds.
maybe 10 if you're lucky.
but i'll keep you updated :)
i love this thing!
how could i stay away?


Beatriz Craven... That Girl in Pearls said...

How sweet! Congratulations to you two. I am typically so bad about taking pictures (I tend to keep them in my head too), but I'm trying to get better at it :)

Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
That Girl in Pearls

Maggy said...

how sweet of him! Happy 2 years :)

Girl about town.... said...

Happy two years! You can never be too gushy mushy with the man you love!

Girl about Town XxX

wishful nals said...

france! so exciting!

Sarah said...

No apologies for enjoying your real life. (: Just make sure you throw us a bone now and again so we can see some of your adventures!