oh my heart, oh my stars

sometimes i don't really know how to start posts.
or what to put in them either, actually.
so we'll go with a list tonight.
a list of things i love.
those are the easiest.

1. i've fallen in love with the song "oh my stars" by andrew belle.
i heard it in a playlist by the flowerchild dwelling, who has an excellent taste in music, btw.
  this song is so beautiful and peaceful- go listen.

2. there is so much sunshine here.
i've heard that the french riviera boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.
that is a far, and welcome, cry from good old new york.
sunshine makes me feel so alive.
and so pretty.

3. i found a recipe for no-bake speculoos cookies.
let me give that a second to sink in.
i thought i couldn't love speculoos anymore, but i was so wrong.
the recipe is mostly sugar, butter, cocoa powder and speculoos- how could you go wrong with ingredients like that?
they look like little poops, but they sure are delicious poops.
p.s. technically, it's using Biscoff, the american brand of this stuff that sells for $12 a jar on amazon. whatever
p.p.s. forgive the ugly tablecloth.
we don't chose the decor in these apartments.

4. we adventured over to beaulieu this weekend, which was beautiful.
we just explored a bit and went to the [weird stoney] beach, but it was nice.

i'm so glad i came here.
it's crazy to think that it's almost been a month.
i am homesick a little bit for my mom's cooking and loving attitude, my brother's back cracking, late night heart sharing with my sister/best friend, my dad's hugs, little life chats with my step-mom, and driving my cute little [almost dead] car,
but i'm glad i get to stay another month.
lucky me :)

it's bedtime for me.
sea kayaking is tomorrow!


AJD ∞ said...

oh my gosh. i love all of this. live up this last month! you'll be home soon enough! & then you'll miss it.

Ruby Girl said...

Yum for #3. I love no bakes!! And wow the place you visited is like mega gorge. Xoxo everrubygirl.blogspot.com

wilybrunette said...

oh heavens, it is just so darn beautiful.

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Gorgeous pics!