i want a thunderstorm

i'm not one to spend a summer day inside.
this is my favorite season, with the sun shining, flowers everywhere, and the ability to just throw on a sundress and go.
but today there were just things i just felt compelled to do.

and i knew my skin wasn't gonna complain, after spending every day out at places like these
 for more than a week straight.

so i got out of class, grabbed some chocolate and coffee gelato on a cone for lunch, and headed home to get some creativity out.

thankfully, i planned ahead.
i knew my both my hands and my soul were gonna be itching for something to do on my few relaxing days at home, so i brought along my trusty colored pencils and markers, glue sticks, and scissors. 
that's all i need to make my kind of beautiful things.

so i made some pictures to mail b and my sister,
but they won't be getting them for a week or two, at least, so you get no details.
and then i made a list.
a list of things i want to do.
no specific time frame, no restrictions- everything went on that list.
b and i are a team, and our job is to support each other and help each other fulfill whatever dreams we may have, so we decided to write everything down and then help cross things off our lists over the years.
i, of course, had to make my list pretty, so i spent all evening doing so.
it's entitled "my lovely life with the love of my life"
[feel free to go throw up now]
too bad i won't let you actually read the list.
[see family, i'm not as bad of a secret keeper as everyone thinks!]

i'm just excited to share it with b.
i've already crossed one major thing off though- i'll give you one clue as to what it is:

in other creative news, i also whipped up a new blog header tonight.
just call me rosie the riveter, doing everything for myself these days.
i've also conquered the german washing machine, figured out exactly how to get around town, and told off a few french men whose jobs seem to be to creep me out.
one thing i still haven't figured out though: the euro/dollar exchange rate.
that's a dangerous thing to not know.
wish me luck, surviving the next 4 weeks on a 2 week, no travel included budget.



Cat said...

Okay ... can I just say that I am so happy to learn that I am not the only one that makes a lunch out of chocolate and sweets {some days it just has to be done :)} ... love your "lovely list" ... so sweet! I am inspired to make one of my own for my love!

xx Cat

Emily said...

Love this post. Very sweet. And I love the list. I have to admit... I do the same thing with my boy.