so i cut the ties and jump the tracks, for never to return

i'm writing this post with one hand.
the other has a nice cold drink in it.
my professor cancelled class tomorrow, so i'm more than ready to start my weekend,
beginning with an afternoon on the beach and a nice goodbye dinner tonight for the people in my program who only came for the month of june.
i'm glad i'm not one of those people.
i don't wanna stay too long, so here's what's beautiful today:

from here
i honestly don't remember where any of the others are from, so if you know, please tell me .

c'est tout.
bathing suit time!
hope you all have a beautiful day.


Christina said...

This post is the best of summer! Hope you're having a good one.

AJD ∞ said...

I love these! And I'm jealous of your bathing suit time. I've been running around, dodging the cold rainy weather with a CARDIGAN draped over my shoulders. :( Wah.

wilybrunette said...

i love these picture. fresh and beautiful. have a wonderful weekend!! xo.

Emily said...

Beautiful pictures. And I love lazy days spent outside. Hope you're enjoying your holiday!