and i'm back in blackkkk

fill in the blank:
 i should be doing ________ but instead, i'm playing with my new toys.

i got new technology over break!
 a new laptop on black friday, 
[in which i walked right up to the counter at 7:30 a.m, told them i'd like this computer and they handed it right over. easy peasy. didn't even have to wake up [too] early],
 so i'm trying to transfer all of my old junk from my external hard drive onto that and get that all set up.
and i got an iPhone for my birthday!
there was some confusion as to which one to get, and then we had to wait for shipping, so i didn't actually get it until today, but i am in love.
seriously, in love.
playing with all the cool apps and turning the volume up so i can hear all the cool noises it makes and just staring at the screen. 
it's so prettyyyyy.
if there are any awesome apps i need to get, lemme know.
i'm on it.

these will be explained later. but aren't they awesome?
in case you needed that one blown up a little bit.
yes, he's hugging a palm tree.

my birthday was one of the best birthday's i've ever had.
probably the best.
i got to spend it with a bunch of people that i love and it was
din with my fam was awesome and delicious, and then seeing my friends after was crazy fun.
emphasis on the crazy.

and i absolutely scored in the presents section:
[not to be an annoying bragger or anything, but i just have to share cause i'm so in love with all of it]

  • dad & [stepmom] wanda gave me a luggage set! very grown up and practical, and absolutely perfect for all of my traveling coming up in the future.
  • as mentioned earlier, momma gave me a beautiful iphone.
  • jake gave me a Nook gift card to buy more books.
  • jenn [his gf] bought my ticket to the concert we all went to the night before, which was also so much fun.
  • jessa gave me a framed photo of my apartment in France and a certificate to make my own picture book of France on Picabo. i'm super excited to make that.
  • my awesome aunt and uncle gave me the Instax camera and i'm in love [beautiful examples above].
  • another aunt and uncle gave me the comfiest VS yoga pants in the world. they were my lifesaver for that 6:15 a.m flight the morning after my birthday.
  • my roommate gave me a plethora of things from American Eagle, including an awesome new sweater, some undies, earrings, and a bracelet.
  • and benny boy gave me books of poetry by Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda, my two faves :) and also a bouquet of pretty flowers and Dove chocolate. he knows the way to my heart.

and TEXAS!
good ol' texas.
first of all, look at what we found on black friday:
is that not perfect, or what?
i stopped because the keychain proclaiming "hot hot hot" grabbed my attention, and then benny boy pointed this one out, and it was just meant to be.
he got one that said "danger".

but texas was so much fun.
spending time with b and l [ben's sister and brother in-law] was awesome, and they were kind enough to let us stay with them the whole stinkin week.
what nice guys.
we lazed around, watching movies and playing video games and i read the hunger games books [! they're so good! i'm not finished with the 3rd one yet though, so no spoilers].
we ate. and ate and ate. chick-fil-a, sonic, whataburger, mexican, amazing italian, alton brown's pan fried chicken [thanks to the boys], and so much BlueBell ice cream.
good lord, it was delicious.
we ventured out a little bit. for a new huge tv, some excursions with cousin becca and her babes, thanksgiving dinner with the whole fam, a walk in the sunshine, christmas tree purchasing, and visiting some fam.

all in all, it was definitely a successful trip.
and it made us want to move there even more.
so watch out Spring, Texas, cause in summer 2012, here we come.

i'm off to catch up on the mounds of work i have to finish before the end of the semester.
it cannot come soon enough.
jeez louise.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a good birthday! iPhones are the best :)

Anonymous said...

i just recently got an iphone too, and i didn't think i would love it as much as i do! definitely download instagram. it's addicting. and find me! my username is jessie_renae


JacPfef said...

isn't the instax so fun? I haven't played with mine in over a year, but I think you've inspired me to pull it out and dust it off.

Hooks said...

YAY for you moving to Texas soon!!!!!!!!!!!