oh hey there.
this is going to be a post about nothing.
get excited.

-it's this week actually. thursday. the festivities already began this past weekend, but i'm just so excited. i love birthdays more than anyone i know i'm pretty sure. especially my birthday. I.LOVE.BIRTHDAYS!

-benny and i hop on a jet plane to texas on friday morning. we're going to visit his sister and brother in law, and the rest of the fam, and i'm just so excited. i've really missed her. and also the 80 degree weather. sundresses, here i come. also, who doesn't love flying? hopefully i can bribe benny into giving me the window seat. that way i can look death right in the eyes if our plane starts to crash. [i kid, i kid. but there's some truth in that.]

-black friday for this girl means a new computer! woo woo. times like these, i wish i was a nerdy nerd so i could know what all the laptop lingo means and what i really need. but then i remember that my boyfriend kind of is and he'll totally help me out. [he's a hot nerd of course.]

-jillian michaels is a stern mistress. my bod hurts, people. i kind of skipped saturday and sunday cause weekends are meant for sleeping in, not working out, so this was only my 3rd morning i guess. but still. every muscle in my body is aching. even muscles i didn't even know i had.

-i'm really starting to miss this.
it was always sunny, always low 80's, always a blue sea and a brown tan.
dang, that tan.
and i miss that girl too. 
[oh hey, emily :) ]

and now more homework calls.
always the homework.
like a nagging wife.
not that i'd know...
later gators.


Katya said...

i love posts about nothing. i write them all the time! yay for birthday week! and yay beautiful weather!

walking dot photography said...

Ooo, black fridays are always more fun when you have a big purchase you're needing to make! And having a (hot) nerdy boyfriend? Especially awesome when you're needing his computer-ease-skills! :)

AaReAn said...

sometimes random posts about "nothing" are the best ones! Its fun to get to know you a bit better! I stumbled upon your blog a little bit ago though I would finally comment! :-)


p.s. you should totally come check out my giveaway for this week! I think you'd love it!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

awww, happy birthday to you this thursday! have fun in texas!! and yay for new computers on black friday. brilliant!!
xo TJ