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Current color: i like light pink? and dark red. and light aqua blue. there's not really anything that stands out right now. call me indecisive. or just apathetic.

Current playlist: josh garrel's new album. also, my roommate has been playing coldplay's new one like a fiend. so there's that.

Current read:  school workkkk. but i have some good books lined up for thanksgiving break. crossing things off my by 2012 goals list one by one.

Current excitement: date night with benny boy tonight. woo woo! 

Current mood: awesome. always.

Current drink: chocolate milk. i can't get enough.

Current food: i just tried oatmeal this morning for the first time since like first grade. and i loved it! weird.

Current favorite show: lace and i finished up season 7 of The Office, so now it's time to catch up on season 8 on hulu hulu honolulu.

Current wish list: umm food? i'm starving. and also, skin that doesn't break out every two seconds.

Current needs: a new laptop. mine is headed for the computer graveyard at full speed.

Current bane of my existence: dang homework. and also, i broke the necklace b gave me for our one year anniversary this morning... hopefully the jewelery store will give me a new chain fo free.

Current indulgence: halloween candy. take it awayyyy.

Current blessing: it's 70 today! on november 9th! this is unheard of, so i'm soaking it up.

Current outfit: a light blue sundress that my sister got me in romania and some dark brown boots. my wardrobe isn't sure what season it is.
Current celebrity crush: well, there's ryan, always. 

Current triumphs: girls's night with lacey last night. we're both super busy, but when is there not time for brownie batter, chips and queso, and some chick flicks?

Current link: OhLife [brought to my attention by e] is an awesome site that e-mails you every night to ask how your day was, you just reply to their message and bam, an online private diary.

side note: the celebrity crush line is not supposed to be bolded. that is not more important than everything else. but blogger is being strange right now.

so here's a picture of my dad family, from the end of summer.
just to distract you from the mess that is the formatting of this post.

hope everyone's day is awesome and that your computer doesn't frustrate you so much that you want to throw it out a window, like me and mine.


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

don't you love when you try a food that you didn't like and now you love it. especially when its something healthy like oatmeal. cheers!

M. Flynn said...

Hahaha I hate it when Blogger gets crazy with spacing and emboldening random words.

Ariel said...

That "I'm thankful for today" image is absolute perfection. LOVE it!

Abigail. said...

Chocolate milk is one of those strange things I manically crave about once a year. Looove it.

Lovely blog! :)

chanel said...

Love that store window and this post!

xo chanel

Anonymous said...

hi! I just discovered your blog and I feel like we have tons in common :) I'm also upstate and I think I'm a free spirit as well :)

anddddd...I LOVE oatmeal!