who doesn't love a good birthday?

welcome to the first friday in november.
otherwise known as t minus 13 days until my 21st birthday!!!!
that's my big news from last night.
the big suspense you were all waiting for.
[don't be too disappointed]

but i LOVE birthdays.
especially my own.
[who doesn't?]
and especially cause it's the big 21.
i'll officially officially be an adult [more so than at 18], i can legally do some fun things that i couldn't before [ahem], and it's a perfectly good reason to have a big party!
i'm all for the tiaras and sashes and big flashing birthday buttons.
anything to draw more attention to myself, really.

so to make it easier on my loved ones [or anyone that wants to get on my good side], i've devised a wishlist of gifts appropriate for a 21st birthday such as mine. 
or you could just draw me a little card.
i'd love you the same probably. maybe. i'd think about it.

birthday wishlist!
please excuse my lame, unexperienced polyvore skills
and note that this list goes in no particular order.

1. the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s White Instant Film Camera- i love the little mini photos that come from these things! mostly i just love any camera that will give me a picture i can hold in my hand right away. i'm not exactly a patient person. so this camera is perfect for more than one reason.
*get it here and the film here. or just kill two birds with one stone and get this.

2. subscriptions to Cosmo and Glamour magazines-  i'm a magazine junkie. for some reason, i just love flipping through the glossy pages, reading the funny/helpful/totally trashy articles and looking at the awesome pictures. and subscriptions are a heckofalot cheaper than buying them at target every month.
*get them here and here, respectively.
3. a pair of Victoria's Secret yoga pantsi have a pair that i've worn so much, they're starting to get see-through in the bum area. enough said. time for some new ones.
*get them here [except it says no longer available, so the store would probably be the best way to go].

4. a beautiful iPhone 4- they're so prettyyyy. and they do so many magical things! i'm aware that there's a newer one out there, but this one is $100 cheaper, so i don't really care. an iphone is an iphone [but correct me if i'm wrong]. i want the instagram app so.bad.
*the only person who would possibly ever get this for me is my parents, and they know how to hook me up. here.

5. the works of Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda- these are my two favorite poets in the whole entire world. call me a nerd, or a hopeless romantic, or whatever, but these guys' love poems are my jam.
*i like this edition of Whitman's, though i wish there was a copy with a prettier cover. and this one of Neruda's. he just gets to me.

6. a Nook gift card- my awesome boyfriend got me a Nook for my last birthday and i'm in love. getting a gift card to buy more books would make that gift even better. I LOVE TO READ.
* get them here

and thus concludes my awesome wishlist.
you have 13 days.
13 days till my birthday!!!!

p.s- i have a little mini sponsor spotlight on Mr. Taylor and His Lady today, so if you just can't get enough of me, hop on over there.

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Candace Stevenson said...

ohhhh I want an iphone SO bad. I wish my birthday was soon... aha happy early birthday!
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