i wanna move mountains the way you moseyed in

not much to report over here today.
i'm just still working away at my end of the semester to-do list,
drinking lots of Naked juice and being accompanied by my Bon Iver pandora station.
why is it so good?

today will be the first time i've seen benny since i got my fancy phone, so be prepared for an onslaught of instagram photos tomorrow.
[find me! wildchild_jack]
i love the camera on this thing.

also, incidentally, today is our anniversary!
but a half year one, so maybe it's called something different?
Megan would probably know :)
but yeah, two and a half years together today.
2 and a  1/2 stinkin years.
i know to all you old people, that's nothing, but you don't understand.
you don't understand how many boys i went through before this one found me.
or all that we've made it through in these past 30 months.
or how loved i feel every.single.day.
all i know is that i love this man more than anything in the world.
i'm so blessed.


p.s. go see me over at Mr.Taylor and His Lady today.
my Here's to Happiness list is being featured.
and yes, it's a little bit old.
i don't have to skype my deployed lover anymore cause he's back home in my arms :)


Melissa Blake said...

Happy anniversary...you two are so adorable together! xoxo

Celeste said...

Aw so cute!!

M. Flynn said...

Hahaha happy 30th mensiversary! Hope it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

aw happy anniversary!

AJD ∞ said...

Oh girl. You share those Instagrams. You share 'em because we'll LOVE 'EM. I probably need to update my blog now...

Shannon said...

Very sweet post. I love your positive energy. Your blog is great. :)


Erin said...

Loved your post over at Mrs Taylor and His Lady! I am obsessed with The Office!! :)

Ariel said...

Love this post! Beautiful pictures!