this is my november

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when the beginning of the week is super busy and intense [like now], i'm thankful for weekends like the one we just had so that i can go back and daydream about them while i procrastinate on the here and now.

there were long walks in the sunshine through the leaves 
[even in the leaves when benny pushed me in. and when i retaliated],
there were trips to the grocery store for special ingredients to make dinner,
there was driving with the windows down and Josh Garrel's new album 
[thanks again Maddie!],
there was time for naps and time for staying up late with our friends,
and of course, time for football [him] and homework [me].

i'm thankful for weekends like these with a boy like this.

now i've got to go cross some things off my to-do list and maybe go for a bike ride.
the weather in new york is just beautiful this week!
and also, my birthday is in 9 days.
so i'm in a good mood.
a good good mood.


Orange Autumn said...

That picture looks wonderful! It sounds like you had a good November!

Bon Bon said...

now that is a good good mood making kind of weekend! except for homework though, blegh. xoxo

walking dot photography said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! I need something nice 'n relaxing like that. This week has been CRAZY already. :p

Monica and Whitney said...

gorgeous photo.

Ask the Duplex

M Jacks said...

love me some shout outs

<3 glad you're enjoying Josh!