too stinkin bad

oh, what's that you say?
you're sick of halloween?
"that was so last month" you say.
well too stinkin bad.
this is my adorable family doing halloween things on halloween night and you're 
gonna look at them.
and you're gonna like it, dammit.

he made the dinner rolls, she made, umm, everything else...
these kids were too cool to dress up.
this guy was a baby.
and they carved a deer?
i was in attack mode with my pumpkin goop fingers...
but it turned out alright.
i love these people.
and especially this guy.
just go ahead and admit that me and benny have the best pumpkin.
we're all thinking it.

and thus concludes my mini love affair with october.
benny came home, his sister got married, and then my fam carved pumpkins.
those are the reasons why october was great this year.
but i'm so into november.
you'll find out why tomorrow.


Debbie {mrs and the village} said...

I'm in suspense. No seriously. I NEED TO KNOW.

P.S. Most adorable H-ween outfit. Srsly.

Orange Autumn said...

Halloween pictures are ALWAYS good!! I love the Halloween outfit, too cute!

Ruby Girl said...

ooooh you cute native american princess you. LOVE those earrings & your smile & the intro to these photos hahaha <3

Hooks said...

i was definitely thinking it.