baby, i'm back

we got home from D.C late last night!
it was such a fun trip, but so tiring too.
all 3 of us are taking today to recover, then we gotta unpack and get back to business.
business being february break still.

i'm over at ben's making up for the time we spent apart this weekend, but he had to run out quick to take a test at school.
stinks to be him cause this week is not his break.
but when he has his in march, he's going to texas [warm texas] with his family, so i can't really gloat too much right now i guess.

i'll do a recap post later this week, but for now, i just wanted to leave you with this picture of us ladies. we're a little haggard, but jessa had been playing volleyball all day and mom and i had been just sitting around, watching. which is fun and all, but tiring in a different way. 
but it was such a fun girls weekend. i'm glad i decided to tag along.
oh, and also this succession of pictures.
our weekend was spent laughing.

love my family.

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M. Flynn said...

Aww you and your sister look so cute and like one another!