my february

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from allie, this is my current february status:

current guilty pleasure: Birthday Cake Oreos. ben introduced me just the other night and now i can't get them out of my mind. [also, they don't actually cost $9 like they do on amazon. go to an actual store.]

current nail color: Explosive Creme. i know, what a dirty name.

current drink: i have been all about Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade lately. yummm.

current food: anything besides pasta. college has made me so sick of pasta, which is something i never thought would be possible.

current favorite show: t.v isn't really my thing, but i've been keeping up with Glee this season. oh, Glee.

current wishlist: a pretty new dress for our engagement pictures. maybe this one or this one.

current needs: i'm pretty content right now :) i don't need a thing.

current triumphs: got all my laundry done today. that's a heck of a lot of laundry.

current bane of my existence: ben gets to go to beautiful, warm Texas next month and i'm stuck here in cold, gloomy new york. i'm jealous.

current celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling still. always. forever.

current indulgence: i'm still addicted to my iPhone, if that counts. i'm not sure that's what i should be spending my money on, but it's totally worth it.

current blessing: this february break has been just wonderful. relaxing and just perfect.

current outfit: oh, i am bumming it today. sweatpants, sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks all the way.

current excitement: ben and i have a big day today: our first premarital counseling session, an appointment with Triple A to book our honeymoon, and then a date night. i'm SO excited.

current mood: perfectly content. thankful.

current link: zac efron dropping something not-so-parent-approved on the red carpet. my favorite is when he has to turn away to laugh.

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Katya said...

we are all about crystal light raspberry lemonade too, oddly enough. and i'm seriously dying to try those birthday cake oreos. anything with sprinkles tastes a million times better, right?