little love letters.

as ben knows, i am a sucker for love letters.
i can never ever get enough.
so, at the inspiration of Mrs. Taylor, here are my own love letters.
i write them in my head all the time and even sing little songs about them, as my loving fiance makes fun of me for constantly, but now you get to share in the love too.
lucky you.

dear new blog design,
   you are perfect. you're clean and simple and pretty. you have my favorite colors and lovely fonts, and basically, i cannot get enough. your momma, Debbie, is funny and sassy, and now with awesome blog design skills as well, she's a triple threat.

dear running,
   i never ever though i'd say this, but i'm actually starting to like you. you give me alone time to just relax or time with ben to catch up on our days, and an opportunity to get outside and do something. i feel like i've actually accomplished something at the end of my workout and my body hurts the next day, but it hurts so good!

dear yoga pant/long tank top/cardigan combo,
  i can't get enough of you. you're my go-to for those mornings when i roll out of bed and just want to stay in my pajamas, but should dress up a little bit more for work. you save the day with your coziness disguised as semi-professionalism.

dear new sweet puppy belonging to my brother and his girlfriend,
  ahhh you're so cute! so soft and so playful and so loveable. you make ben and i consider getting a dog, even though we know it's not the best decision for us right now. for now, i guess i'll settle on rushing over to your mommy's apartment right after work so i can play with you a little bit.

dear sparkly ring,
  YOU'RE STILL SO SHINY! i love looking down at you every once in a while and getting flashbacks of that day about 2 months ago when benny asked me to spend my life with him. i have to give you up this weekend to get fixed and i.don'

dear Houston, TX,
  next week, ben and his parents are coming to you, but i will not be there. i'm super jealous. they get to experience your beautiful, warm, sunny days, the Houston Rodeo, including many awesome country singers, and also b & l, who already are some of the best in-laws a girl could ask for. it's not that i didn't want to come; it's all school's fault.

on that note, dear college,
  i'm over you. stop it with your homework and midterms and junk. i have better things to do, like spend time with my friends, plan our wedding, and apply to real life after graduation jobs. and have fun. only 2 months until you're over, praise the good lord above.

dear fiance,
  sometimes i catch you doing sweet things like practicing the guitar while i brush my teeth, making up your own dance moves to the songs in your head, or bringing me an extra Birthday Oreo from the cupboard. these things only make me love you more.


Millie said...

Love your blog and sweet little notes. So fun. And... am so jealous, you look like you are so in love. Beautiful

Debbie said...

:) so sweet!