in love in the country

it is winter, yes.
for a few more months, actually.
but this is going to be the first summer that ben's around in 3 years.
the dumb air force took him from me the past 2 summers.
so this will be first summer we get to spend together since that summer we fell in love.
and holy moly, i can't wait.

"I want to fall in love with you in the country.
Car rides with the windows down, barefooted in the grass during a rainstorm.
I want to pick my fruit from local orchards knowing we will feed each other unselfishly.
I want to hike with you like I haven’t with anyone else. 
Big kitchens with space for us to dance while cooking dinner. Hearty meals of pasta, or chili. Fresh veggies from our raised beds.
Holding your hand as we stroll through barns filled with antiques.
Our stories wouldn’t be written in concrete but in moments spent in nature.
Bonfire nights when I would snuggle against you telling you secrets. Not caring about open curtains, waking up to slide into your shirt. Pulling on boots and walking to let the dogs out.  Finding you meddling or working or building.
Nights inviting our city friends to camp in our back yard. Traded stories about love, our love. I want to fall in love with you anywhere, but I can feel the love we would have in the country."
-found here

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Bella Pop said...

this is the sweetest thing ever. how wonderful you two get to finally spend summer together! I'm crushing on summer too right now :) xoxo B