cheap love

today is february 7th, which means valentine's day is in a week!

but, if you have a significant other and you're like most of my friends/enemies/people i follow on twitter, you have no idea what to get and/or do for that person for the big day.
not that it's really a big day, but it is an extra day to show someone how much you love them.
and we can always use that.

well, one of my professors has got you covered.
she and her husband just wrote an e-book of 101 Cheap Date ideas.
and it's free, y'all!

Carrie and Erv Starr wrote a book over the past few years, published this summer, called Cheap Love: Living and Loving on Less, all about exactly the stuff it says.
these people are such good stewards of their money and they're more in love than any married couple i've met.
and now Carrie has a blog about it, they speak at conferences, do couples coaching, have this whole empire about it.
Ben and i got the book for Christmas, it's awesome, go get it if you want.

but back to the point of this post:
that list of cheap dates is awesome.
i'll be using one or more of these to plan a secret v-day date for loverboy.
carrie and erv saved the day :)
to get the list, you have to go to their last post and just sign up for an e-mail subscription.
it's definitely worth it.
and so is their book.

so go, get free date ideas, support a local couple in their dream if you'd like.
Cheap Love is funny and witty and so helpful.
and so are the sweet people who wrote it :)

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Carrie Starr said...

Thank you so much Jackie! This is wonderful! So glad you enjoyed the book and I hope you guys have a fabulous Valentine's Day. =)