under construction

so i googled "sexy male construction worker" in hopes of finding some sexy man to put on here to let you all know that this blog here is currently under construction.
most were mildly appropriate but not that attractive, some were very inappropriate, all were disappointing.
but i figured since that was now in my search history, i might as well make the most of it, right?
this was the best i could do while still keeping it g-rated:

there was also this, but they don't even look like they're working.
i like a man who's not afraid to get dirty.

moral of the story: i changed it up a little bit around here cause i was sick of how it looked, but pretty dang soon, i will be getting a legit makeover thanks to a blog design giveaway by debbie on jeni's blog. 
get ready for something awesome.
even more awesome than hot construction workers.

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