my oh my

inspired a little bit by this post, by this charming, witty, and pretty woman,
today's post will be comprised of love letters.
probably a few un-love ones too, just cause sometimes, i'm sassy.

dear seagull,
    what the junk. i'm sitting right here. stop getting so close to me that i'm afraid i'm gonna get bird flu and go find your own bench with a scenic view.

around town. up to 7.1 024around town. up to 7.1 023around town. up to 7.1 026

dear little sister,
  i understand that i’m just so cool that you want to be just like me, but this was my hair first. go get your own image. and personality. and taste in clothes. actually, not that last one. that one makes shopping for you easy.

dear hotstuff,
   thank you for shaving that thing off your face. this is the one i’ve been missing.

Video call snapshot 56

dear french people,
  you are just so quaint with your shutters and flower boxes and clothes drying on the line outside your window. a little cliché, but quaint.  this is one little styling tip I will be taking home.

around town. up to 7.1 035around town. up to 7.1 007

dear budget,
  i’m used to being a poor college student. and i love me some italian food. but noodles and butter for every meal this week is taking things a little too far. it’s time to splurge on a nice meal out.

around town. up to 7.1 009
dear god,
  you done good. thank you.

around town. up to 7.1 004
around town. up to 7.1 037around town. up to 7.1 039around town. up to 7.1 013around town. up to 7.1 014

last, but my oh my, not least:
dear bed,
  i’m coming back now. don’t even worry your comfy little head.

love love love,


anne said...

your comment about your little sister made me laugh! I think we often feel this way about younger siblings

Cassi said...

Oh you are in such a beautiful part of the world! I studied abroad twice in France, though on the Atlantic coast both times. But I did just get back from a trip to the Riveria, and it's just fantastic. Bon séjour!