my life be like ooh ah

as i write this, i'm getting crumbs all over the keyboard, enjoying my first ever pumpkin muffin.
i packed a healthy breakfast, but that all goes down the drain when someone offers me baked goods.
if there was somehow chocolate in this thing too, that'd be my downfall.
i like to start the day off right with some sugar, carbs, chocolate, and more sugar.

my poor car died last week.
it was a traumatic death, with smoke coming out of the engine and awful grinding noises and everything.
she was a champ these past 2 and 1/2 years, getting me through thick and thin, and i have some good memories in that car, but it was time.
she's on her way to car heaven as we speak.
[otherwise known as the junk yard]
and now, i have a new car!
i know, i know, i move on fast.
but my wonderful momma understood how difficult life would be [for both of us] without a car and she decided to buy a second family one for me to use and then be passed down to my little sister.
what a sweetie.
so here it is, in all it's nice, new-to-us, air conditioned, cd player glory:

love it.

in other news, we're at midterms for this semester and i'm already having to figure out my schedule for the spring.
there's only 1 class that i have to take and the rest of my credits i can just fill up with fun classes. it's harder than i thought it was going to be, but i'm liking how it looks so far: American History, Skiing, a psych class, and a lit class. oh and piano lessons. i've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.
so we'll see how that all goes.

i gotta run, but i'm going to make posting a priority this week.
b comes home in 4 days (!), and lord knows all my free time is gonna be spent with that boy, so i probably won't be around much next week.
it's gonna be a delicate balance, my friends.
cause, no offense, but i like him a little bit better :)



Katya said...

yay new car! it looks very cute! your classes sound really fun. i'm a little bit jealous!

Chelsea Coleen said...

reasons being:
i love the song in your title.

and two: holy crappola your love comes home! thats SO exciting. i know that feeling a littttle too well!