even as i live them

as i'm getting so filled with anticipation that i can hardly stay still, here are some beautiful words to make your wednesday a little bit lovlier:

"there are moments
i know i will long for
even as i live them."
-judith katsir

i just know that friday's going to be one of those moments.

credit where credit is due: 
photo: from here, words: from here


vintch said...

oh that quote is spectacular. thank you for sharing. i'm new to your lovely space and loving the inspiration. first this, then ryan gosling below? hello deliciousness.

Chelsea Coleen said...

i think i am at my emotional peek today for whatever reason, but that quote. once again, goosebumps. i am borrowing it/stealing it and putting it everywhere. it is so true and so beautiful.

moments like those... they are everything! xo

Emily said...

I love that quote. :) And I have missed your blog. Cute new car!!

Paige Andy said...

I died a little when I saw this picture. Too freakin adorable. And beautiful, beautiful words.

AJD ∞ said...

That quote is so true.