pim? jam?

roomboom and i are catching up on The Office so we can finally watch season 7.
it's a slow go since we're both busy little bees, but totally worth it.
i'm finally connecting all the little dots.
and watching jim and pam's wedding finally?
so precious.
these are all from this tumblr that i just found this weekend and have been obsessing over.
she loves the office too.
more specifically, jim.
and i hear pam's pregnant again?!
we have so much to catch up on!

hope y'all have a good monday morning!


B. said...

I adore the wedding episode!! I still go back and watch it on occasion, when I need that perfect mix of funny and sweet. "Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago...." couldn't you just die?? Now I'm ranting, but I'm so happy you posted on this :) Hurry and catch up! The opening episode of this new season is so hilarious.

Alana said...

I loooove Jim and Pam! Their wedding made me cry. I love how I talk about them like they are real people I know. :)

Katya said...

jam, hahaha. they are so great. and crazy that pam is pregnant again! you must catch up! :)

The Veda House said...

I really do adore everything about this show. I still need to watch season 7 as well.

Paige Andy said...

LOVE the Office! So witty.