no school!

happy friday guys!
i know it's not actually friday, but, as always, 
i have zero classes tomorrow, so it is for me.
and it's even better because this weekend is october break, which means we get monday and tuesday off too.
a 5 day weekend?
i'll take it.
and even though i had my whole blah blah blah i love autumn post last night, look at the forecast for the next 10 days:

that doesn't look like autumn to me, kids.
well, maybe the last 2 days do, but we'll ignore those.
i'm bringing my bike home to get a few little extra sunshine rides.
the only thing better would be if b somehow miraculously got to leave like, today so he could be home to share this ridiculously long weekend with me.
but it'd always be better if b was home.

regardless, i have big plans for this weekend.
tonight: sister's volleyball game (go Hilton!) and seeing my dad, step-mom & co.
tomorrow: shopping! 
jessa and i are having a little date day and i cannot wait.
first on the list are boots like these and then long shirts and leggings like these.

and sweaters like these:
ughh online shopping is dangerous.

but then friday night, we're going to the powderpuff football game to watch her friends, and saturday i have plans to hang out with my brothers girlfriend.
i think we'll probably go for a bike ride and then go see 50/50.
sunday who knows, monday: date with my momma and car shopping (!) and tuesday: dumb homework and back to school for work at night. 
it's gonna be such a good break.

maybe i'll see ya around here, maybe i won't.
we'll see where the weekend takes me.
either way, i hope all of you have a wonderful next few days.
next time we talk, we'll be even closer to ben coming home.
later dudes.

p.s.- if any of you have watched Prison Break, lemme know.
i need help with a secret mission.


HiLLjO said...

Ummmm want that freakin sweater dress.

Have fun on your days off!

Katya said...

I love Prison Break! (well, at least season one and half of season two...we sort of stopped watching after season 2 because the story line just got more and more convoluted.) Also, we're set to have amazing weather here, and it is glorious! Even though I'm dying to wear sweaters and boots. Happy shopping and fall break!

Anonymous said...

1. i need those boots
2. i need that olive green sweater
3. i need that weather and sun...BAD!

hope u have a great weekend!

Pia said...

Um, the sweater and boots? I need those in my life, like yesterday! Sigh, I wish I could go shopping. Have lots of fun! :)

Emmett Katherine said...

Those are REALLY cute boots! And iblove the sweater too, it's the perfect colour for fall :)