i love you, sleepyhead

good morning friends.
i was woken up [early] this morning by a phone call from my loverboy, so that started off my day so well.
i dropped my toothbrush in the toilet as i was rushing around trying to get ready for work on time, but even that didn't phase this good mood.
nothing's going to.

in other news, i was browsing my inspiration folder this morning and came across this lovely writing by Ariel from a few weeks ago.
this girl writes the most beautiful, romantic things and this one just hit home again today.
the original post is here and it's just so pretty.
go check her out:

from here

One Day by Ariel
You'll make the most standard tasks seem exciting. 
Like errands to the market, or brunch at a local cafe.
And I'll wake every morning, an extra bounce in my step, because I know you're there to catch me, should I stumble.

We'll have a downtown apartment that we pay too much for. 
I'll complain that it doesn't feel like home, but you'll tell me to close my eyes and imagine the possibilities. 
"Just look at the view," you'll say.
I'll take another look, and I'll realize that anywhere with you, is home enough for me.
And suddenly the world around me seems extraordinary.
But that's life with you.

I imagine waking up to you and the sun rising every morning.  
Our windows shaded by the city fog. Our sheer, white curtains gently swaying in the Autumn breeze. 
I'll turn to see you already staring.
And I'll smile at the thought that I was on your mind.
 I'll look at you, that twinkle in your eye.
And in just one look, I'll know.

"Let's forget about work. Just for today," you'll tell me.
I'll stretch my arms above my head, as I turn to face you, but you'll already be pulling me closer.
"Just you and me," you'll whisper, as you bury your nose into the nook of my neck.
And I'll laugh, the way I always do.
But as your eyes meet mine, I know there will never be any greater adventure.
And so I'll go.

One day...



Candace Stevenson said...

awh you'e cute! Sorry about your poor toothbrush :) hah and Ariel is a really good writer, thank you for sharing

Lovely Little Rants

Orange Autumn said...

I love that! Days like that are wonderful :) Glad it started out so well for you, toothbrush and all!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

so beautiful! and yes, i love waking up to great and surprising phone calls from the lovers!
xo TJ

the southern hostess said...

I just love this. Beautiful.

Flashes of Style said...

How pretty! <3